ChiroCode Webinars

ChiroCode Webinars are held each week, usually on Tuesday and/or Thursdays, at 1 pm Eastern (12 pm Central, 11 am Mountain, 10 pm Pacific). Our webinars are presented by national subject matter experts and cover a variety of coding, reimbursement and compliance topics. Occasionally we may have a product demonstration that is an example of addressing these topics. Time is always provided at the end for participants to ask questions during the Question/Answer section of the webinar.

We invite you to participate! They are presented live using the excellent GoToMeeting tool.

The live ChiroCode Webinars are currently free for everyone to view. All of our Webinars are recorded and posted in the ChiroCode Webinars on Demand Library which is available as part of Chirocode Premium Membership.

Sometimes product give-away's are held in connection with a webinar.  This will be announced by the host. 

Upcoming Webinars

Outsourcing Your Insurance Verifications to Increase Profits, Save Time & Decrease Overhead

Presented by Tom Necela DC 

April 24th, 2017 

Tuesday @ 10:15 AM PT, 11:15 AM MT, 12:15 PM CT, 1:15 PM ET 

Join Dr. Tom Necela of The Strategic Chiropractor to learn why outsourcing insurance verifications can be an ideal solution to fix one of the biggest insurance headaches that plagues chiropractors and their staff. Virtually every chiropractor agrees that insurance verifications are both a necessary evil and a huge waste of staff time. In this webinar, Dr. Necela will discuss how to increase your profits, save time and decrease overhead by utilizing a simple outsourcing strategy that any chiropractic office can employ!

Register here: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/4618518773383746817

Proving Medical Necessity and Functional Improvement

Presented by Ron Short DC, MCS-P, CPC 

May 1st, 2018 

Tuesday @ 10:15 AM PT, 11:15 AM MT, 12:15 PM CT, 1:15 PM ET 

Medicare is required by law to pay for care that is medically necessary. Medicare considers functional improvement to be the primary indicator of medical necessity for chiropractic care. It is up to you, the doctor, to prove functional improvement and medical necessity with your documentation. Dr. Short will show you how to use common practice tools to document functional improvement, medical necessity and maximum medical improvement. You will learn: 

-What is Medicare’s definition of medical necessity. 
-What does Medicare’s determination of Medical Necessity mean to your care plan. 
-How to prove medical necessity. 
-How to report this information to Medicare. 
-How to determine Maximum Medical Improvement. 

You can obtain the notes for this webinar by subscribing to my e-mail updates at http://www.chiromedicare.net/mailing-list-signup/ or by following the link provided in my e-mail update. They will be available by the Monday prior to the webinar presentation.

Register here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/3870847567961442305

How to Handle High Deductibles, Cash Plans & Pre-Pays

Presented by Marty Kotlar DC, CPCO, CBCS 

May 8th, 2018 

Tuesday @ 10:15 AM PT, 11:15 AM MT, 12:15 PM CT, 1:15 PM ET 

In this webinar, Dr. Marty Kotlar (certified coding and compliance expert) will discuss how to handle high deductibles, pre-pays, discounts, hardships and in-network vs. out-of- network care plans. Learn what the OIG is looking for when it comes to discounts and offering free services. 

About the Presenter: Marty Kotlar, DC, CPCO, CBCS is the President of Target Coding. Dr. Kotlar is Certified in CPT Coding, a Certified Compliance Officer and has been helping 
chiropractors, physical therapists and acupuncturists nationwide with billing compliance, documentation and CPT coding for over 10 years. 

Dr. Kotlar can be reached at 1-800- 270-7044, 
website: www.TargetCoding.com, email: drkotlar@targetcoding.com.

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How X-rays Help Create an Evidence Based Practice

Presented by Steven Kraus, DC, FIACN, DIBCN, FASA, FICC 

May 15th, 2018 

Tuesday @ 10:15 AM PT, 11:15 AM MT, 12:15 PM CT, 1:15 PM ET 

- Which history and exam findings determine which x-ray views to order 
- How biomechanical measurements result in better patient care 
- The results of a new chiropractic survey how digital radiography impacts patient care plans. 

Dr. Steven Kraus, DC, FIACN, DIBCN, FASA, FICC is an accomplished practitioner, author, and business owner. He is a past Chairman of the Iowa Board of Chiropractic Examiners, past President of the Iowa Chiropractic Society, and has served as ACA Delegate for Iowa. 

Since completing his Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, IA, in 1988, Dr. Kraus has owned 18 chiropractic practices including a multi-million dollar interdisciplinary practice; launched a consultancy firm that coordinated the sale of over 400 different chiropractic clinics nationwide; and is now the President and Founder of Biokinemetrics, a chiropractic-centric technology company focusing on digital x-ray solutions. 

With a thorough understanding of the chiropractic profession, from both a business-to-patient and a business-to-business aspect, Dr. Kraus has dedicated his life to elevating the chiropractic profession through the use of technology. He can be reached at skraus@biokinemetrics.com.

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The Most Expensive Documentation Mistakes Chiropractors Make


May 29th, 2018 

Tuesday @ 10:15 AM PT, 11:15 AM MT, 12:15 PM CT, 1:15 PM ET 

Notes need to give payers the information they need in order to adjudicate your claims. Do your notes include what they need to see? Can you standardize and simplify your note taking process to decrease your administrative burden? In this webinar, Dr. Gwilliam, Certified Coder, Certified Professional Medical Auditor, and Clinical Director for PayDC Chiropractic EHR Software, will show you how to make it easy. He will review examples and boost your confidence that you are doing things correctly.

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