Presented by Ron Short DC, MCS-P, CPC 

Earlier this year the Medicare Administrative Contractors revised their Local Coverage 
Determinations. There are some changes that will affect how you document your Medicare 
visits. Medicare requires that you have a treatment plan with measurable goals. The treatment plan also serves the purpose of providing you and your patient with a roadmap of care. In this 
webinar Dr. Short will show you:  

  • What specific elements Medicare requires in each treatment plan.
  • How to use common clinical tools to develop effective treatment plans. 
  • Why the treatment plan is critical to proving medical necessity and overall patient care. 

This webinar will give you practical information that you can apply in your office the next day. 
You can obtain the notes for this webinar by subscribing to my e-mail updates at signup/ or by following the link provided in my e- 
mail update. They will be available by the Monday prior to the webinar presentation.

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