Don’t do the MIPS Minimum

Doing the MIPS Minimum – Penny Wise but Pound Foolish?

Are you planning to “do the MIPS minimum” – the “Test” reporting option – in 2017 and submit the minimum amount of data possible to avoid the penalty? Perhaps every silver lining does not have a cloud, but “Pick Your Pace” sure does. Just as we cheered when the SGR was buried, only to see MIPS emerge from the grave, perhaps the “Pick Your Pace” regulations should undergo more scrutiny before we throw our hats into the air at this regulatory “reprieve.”

How to Report MIPS

If eligible, you need to start reporting for MIPS by October 2th, 2017. Do you know who is exempt? Are you familiar with the quality measures that apply to chiropractors? Do you understand how to report on the Advancing Care Information or Improvement Activities? Don’t worry, Dr. Gwilliam has done all your homework and, in this presentation, you will get the crib notes containing just what you need to know. You don’t need to feel overwhelmed with Medicare regulations, you just need to know what to do.

American Chiropractic Association Comments on MACRA 2018 Proposed Rule

Arlington, Va. – The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) recently submitted comments to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in response to the federal agency’s proposed rule changes to the Quality Payment Program (QPP) for 2018.

QPP is a new payment model for physicians, including chiropractors, created by the Medicare Access and CHIP …

How to Convert Your Medicare Patients to Cash to Avoid the Penalties of MACRA

The #1 concern reported by CMS about chiropractors is that, as a profession, we do a poor job of understanding maintenance care. Of course, that is THEIR definition of maintenance care. When you better understand the rules of medical necessity in Medicare, you begin to see what they are talking about. The truth is that there is a “gray” area between the distinct “white” of active treatment and the “black” of maintenance treatment, and that gray area is confusing when defining “covered” vs. “not covered” chiropractic care in Medicare. Join us to find out the following critical information in time for the MACRA Section 514 implementation January 1, 2017:

Find out exactly what Medicare deems as maintenance care and how to recognize it with our patients
Learn what your options are for treating your Medicare patient’s maintenance care for cash
Hear scripting that is vital to your patient understanding what’s going on with their coverage, or lack thereof
Properly document the difference between active and maintenance care
Better manage those little incidents that come up for chronic, Medicare patients

The Future of Reimbursement: Medicare’s Quality Payment Program (aka MACRA/MIPS)

You may have heard rumblings about MACRA, MIPS, MU, PQRS, VBM, and some other acronyms from CMS (Medicare). Don’t get overwhelmed. Dr. Gwilliam will take you through the basics and let you know what you need to do in 2017 to avoid a payment adjustment (penalty), and maybe even qualify for incentives. In either case, you will want to make sure you have the best possible composite score. Even if you don’t treat Medicare beneficiaries, this model could be the future of payment for healthcare. This is a webinar that you won’t want to miss.