Are you Ready for CMS’ 2019 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule?

The waiting is over, the Final Rule for CMS’ 2019 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS) is available – all 2,379 pages for those looking for a little light reading. As anticipated, there are some pretty significant changes. Most of us were carefully watching the proposed changes to the Evaluation and …

Patient Relationship Codes

Section 1848(r)(4) of MACRA requires that claims submitted for items and services furnished by a physician or applicable practitioner on or after January 1, 2018, include codes for the following:
care episode groups
patient condition groups
patient relationship categories
Previously, CMS decided to use procedure code modifiers to report patient relationship codes on Medicare …

Why You Should Stop Using ROM as an Outcome Measure

We received this email from a chiropractic colleague: “I recently attended a
continuing education seminar accredited by a chiropractic college. The presenter
was talking about outcome measures and highly recommended cervical and
lumbar range of motion (ROM) as a good outcome measure for patients with
spinal conditions. But I am hesitant to use ROM, because it seems to be
inconsistent with a patient’s status.”

What does the current research demonstrate?

New Payment Rulings Could Affect You

Fall has always been the season for CMS fee changes and on November 2, 2017, CMS announced the finalization of four rules which directly impact the following payment systems:
Physician Fee Schedule Final Policy, Payment, and Quality Provisions for CY 2018
Hospital OPPS and ASC Payment System and Quality Reporting Programs Changes …