Conducting Your Own Chart Audit: Part 2 of 2

In Part 1, Dr. Gwilliam shared with you where auditors and claim reviewers get their information from. Now it is your turn. Dr. Gwilliam will guide you through some of the criteria and systems he uses when reviewing charts for attorneys and doctors. Bring your 2018 DeskBook along because Appendix D will be your friend as you figure out how to keep mistakes out of your practice.

Mandatory Chart Reviews – What You Need to Know

In this webinar, we are going to discuss what a Chart Review is, why it’s mandatory, YOUR benefits to conducting our outsourcing a Chart Review along with the general steps for preparing, performing and properly documenting a Chart Review and its findings. Also, learn what to do post Chart Review – what your next steps should be and how to prioritize.

Medicare Reviews

Medicare reviews claims for a variety of reasons. Some are routine and are not a problem for the doctor or the practice. Some are investigatory in nature and indicate a serious potential threat for both the doctor and the practice. Dr. Ron Short will go over the types of reviews and which are routine and which should cause you to lose sleep.

In this webinar you will learn:

-What routine reviews are and why they are conducted
-What reviews are a potential risk
-What triggers reviews
-When to get help and what kind of help to get

The Law of Fair Exchange

As we move into 2018, a higher percentage of your clinic’s cash flow is going to come from the patient, not insurance carriers. If you don’t change your office systems to ensure that you are collecting this money at the time the patient values your care the most, the revenue cycle in your clinic is going to begin to slow significantly.

How to PREVENT and HEAL Dental Problems so You Can Enjoy a Healthy Body and Life

In this webinar Dr. Jorgensen will share with you the REAL causes of dental disease and techniques for prevention and healing. You will also learn about dental problems that may be making you or your patients SICK, how to identify them, and what can be done to help them get better. Finally, she will tell you about cutting edge dental and health practices you need to know about to improve your patient’s health, and how to find a dentist that can provide this care. Don’t miss this life-changing webinar!

Why I Became an Avazzia Concierge Doctor

Dr. Traver focuses on the functional aspects that control the body by addressing the underlying health issues. He has had extensive training with Avazzia, and now teaches others on the benefits of the Avazzia microcurrent devices. He uses the Avazzia’s biofeedback technology to reduce inflammation, lower or even eliminate pain, and improve the overall function in his clients.

Having dealt with his own health issues, his mission- with the help of the Avazzia technology, is to restore quality of life for those experiencing health difficulties.

Risk Areas in Your Practice that You May Be Overlooking!

Let’s take a look at the most current OIG work plan to evaluate what investigative and enforcement entities are looking at and what they’re finding. Believe it or not, systems and steps you take within your practice are extremely revealing and can put you and your practice at great risk. Great risk for audits and enforcement, great risk for loss of cash flow, great risk for loss of use-able time due to inefficient time management, and much more. Let’s also take some time to discuss some easy ways to implement systems in your practice to minimize your risk and enhance your cash flow and productivity.

The Phased Transition: How to Slow Down Without Killing Your Profits or Potential Chiropractic Practice Sale

Many retirement age chiropractors whose numbers are decreasing feel the need to retire before their practice slips even more. Others enjoy chiropractic and want (or need) to keep working but would like to a more relaxed pace. In either case, the timing and logistics of your transition are critical to your success — if you want to retain the value of your practice .In this webinar, Dr. Tom Necela of The Strategic Chiropractor will share strategies how you can slow down, plan for your future and maximize the value of your practice and avoid costly mistakes too many chiropractors make in their practice sale or transition.