Trauma and the Presence of Effusion or Edema

How do you document them? What PI codes do you use to report them? What PI codes do you use to validate them? Can they both be present at the same time? How do you treat them? As a Med-Legal Consultant & Strategist, Chiropractor, PI Practice Coach, Speaker, Author, Inventor, Educator and entrepreneur, Dr. Grant’s mission is to help professionals gain greater confidence, skill, & strength to successfully deliver the best recovery care and provide powerful claim strategies for traumatically injured patients.

Contusion Confusion – PI’s Great Overlooked and Misused Finding

Each injury has a set of confirmatory symptoms that can be used to convey severity. Contusions are one of the easiest to report, but not always the easiest to find. Most contusions are not being recognized. The truth is that they are very prevalent and they are not being documented properly by DC’s.

This webinar will help you expand your diagnostic skills for contusion discovery and give you insight on how to document, validate, treat and code for contusions.