Understanding NCCI Edits

Medicare creates and maintains the National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) edits and NCCI Policy Manual, which identify code pair edits. When performed on the same patient, on the same day, and by the same provider, the secondary code is considered an integral part of the primary code, and payment for …

Skyrocket Cash Collections, Even When Patients Have High Deductibles and Copays

Are you seeing $5,000, $7,500, and even $10,000 deductibles? We’re hearing doctors from every state tell us they can’t believe how high patients’ insurance deductibles are getting. Some are even reporting patient copays of $50 – $60. (That’s more than most docs charge for their adjustment!) When accepting insurance, do you know that you CAN’T discount services that apply to these large deductibles? And you can’t treat them as “cash” patients. There is a way to overcome this problem of rising deductibles & copays and collect more cash – all while still accepting insurance. This one strategy alone will help you increase your case acceptance, even when patients have $10,000 deductibles. Join Dr. Miles Bodzin for this information-packed presentation. If you’re going to be able to serve your communities and sleep well at night, you need this information.

Outsourcing Your Insurance Verifications to Increase Profits, Save Time & Decrease Overhead

Join Dr. Tom Necela of The Strategic Chiropractor to learn why outsourcing insurance verifications can be an ideal solution to fix one of the biggest insurance headaches that plagues chiropractors and their staff. Virtually every chiropractor agrees that insurance verifications are both a necessary evil and a huge waste of staff time. In this webinar, Dr. Necela will discuss how to increase your profits, save time and decrease overhead by utilizing a simple outsourcing strategy that any chiropractic office can employ!

Whiplash Damages

Whiplash Damages in Rear-end Collisions – The Patient’s Dilemma:
The rear-end collision is a major cause of cervical spine injuries which often require treatment by chiropractors and other health care practitioners. Claims adjusters trivialize soft tissue injuries [it’s “only” a sprain or strain] but whiplash is real and so are the damages that come with it.