What Every Spine Care Expert Needs to Know NOW- The X Factor

How Spine Care Experts Utilize & Get Paid for X-rays. How to select what x-ray views to bill for in certain diagnostic cases. New rules for x-ray reimbursement for 2018. HIPAA requirements for digital x-ray back up, EHR integration, and transmission. What findings are needed to justify medical necessity for spine x-rays? How to maximize your x-ray imaging department productivity. Discover the ROI of digital over plain film and in-house vs referring out. Biomechanical line drawings and measurements in your ROF – the key to better patient compliance.

Essential Elements of a Care Plan

Creating effective care plans and using them properly is the solution to most clinic’s documentation issues. Once you make it clear to auditors and reviewers what the game plan is, and you show that you follow it throughout care, communication issues will be eliminated and you will be able to manage the case better. In this presentation, Dr. Gwilliam, Clinical Director for PayDC Software, and former Vice President of ChiroCode, will review fundamental concepts of care plans, as outlined in Chapter 4.4 of the DeskBook, and show how it is done in one chiropractic EHR. You will leave the webinar with a clear path to improve your care plans so that you can be confident that third parties understand your records.

Meaningful Use Q/A

Presented by Chantal Bryant, Meaningful Use Expert for ChiroTouch and SmartCloud and Jennifer Hay, Meaningful Use Specialist for ChiroTouch and SmartCloud
March 22nd
Tuesday @ 10:15 AM PST, 11:15 AM MST, 12:15 PM CST, 1:15 EST

The presenters will cover need to know information on Meaningful Use and then will be taking MU related questions directly from listeners. Meaningful Use is a comprehensive and often confusing topic. These presenter spend their time “in the trenches” of Meaningful Use and attestation. They will be able to offer clarity to listeners. Attendees are invited to bring their Meaningful Use questions to this webinar to be answered directly by Meaningful Use expert.

New EHR Final Rule

There is a new Final Rule scheduled to be published in the Federal Register on October 16, 2015. There are changes to the requirements of the EHR Incentive Program which are aimed to ease the burden on providers.

Patient Electronic Access Tipsheet – Measure Compliance

MEASURE COMPLIANCE – Meeting the Patient Electronic Access Objective
Starting in 2014, CMS requires that providers participating in both Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the EHR Incentive Programs must meet the Patient Electronic Access objective, which gives patients access to their health information in a timely manner. Providers participating in …