Q/A: How Do I Bill a House Call?

If a provider makes a house call to/for a patient, is there a way that it is represented on the claim form?  A modifier, or something else?
Modifiers are not used to identify that a service was performed in the patient’s home. However, other modifier rules must be followed (e.g., modifier GP …

Date of Service Reporting for Radiology Services

Providers need to ensure that they are reporting radiology dates of service the way the payer has requested. Unlike other many other professional services which only have one date of service (DOS), radiology services can span multiple dates. Medicare requirements may differ from professional organization recommendations.

Understanding NCCI Edits

Medicare creates and maintains the National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) edits and NCCI Policy Manual, which identify code pair edits. When performed on the same patient, on the same day, and by the same provider, the secondary code is considered an integral part of the primary code, and payment for …

Mandatory Chart Reviews – What You Need to Know

In this webinar, we are going to discuss what a Chart Review is, why it’s mandatory, YOUR benefits to conducting our outsourcing a Chart Review along with the general steps for preparing, performing and properly documenting a Chart Review and its findings. Also, learn what to do post Chart Review – what your next steps should be and how to prioritize.

Medicare Reviews

Medicare reviews claims for a variety of reasons. Some are routine and are not a problem for the doctor or the practice. Some are investigatory in nature and indicate a serious potential threat for both the doctor and the practice. Dr. Ron Short will go over the types of reviews and which are routine and which should cause you to lose sleep.

In this webinar you will learn:

-What routine reviews are and why they are conducted
-What reviews are a potential risk
-What triggers reviews
-When to get help and what kind of help to get

ICD-10 Guidelines for the Chiropractor

Time for a little refresher. You might think you know ICD-10 now that it has been around for a while. The guidelines teach which codes go first, how certain key words are defined, and ensure that you submit the right information on your claim forms. This webinar will be taught by Dr. Evan Gwilliam who helped write ChiroCode’s ICD-10 book and is a certified ICD-10 instructor.