Prioritize Your Patient’s Financial Experience

For many years, the ChiroCode DeskBook has emphasized the need for providers to firmly establish the patient’s financial responsibility through clear communication. We even created a “Patient Financial Responsibility Acknowledgment Form” to help providers with this process. Lately, the lack of pricing transparency has been in the news and even …

Can They Deny Electrical Stimulation by Saying There is no Evidence that it Works?

Topic: Electrical Stimulation (EMS)

Question: An orthopedic surgeon/IME recommended a denial for all electrical stimulation
(EMS) by stating that “according ODG electrical stimulation is experimental therefore not
medically necessary or eligible for reimbursement.” Is that true?

Modifier XE Fact Sheet

Separate Encounter, A Service That Is Distinct Because It Occurred During A Separate Encounter

Coding pairs are part of the National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) procedure to procedure edits
Documentation indicates the services were provided during separate patient/provider encounter
Use Modifier XE with the Column 2 procedure code in the NCCI files
Use Modifier XE only when there …