Are there any alternative procedure codes for billing mechanical massage (e.g., muscle master vibromassage, genie rub, etc)? I know that 'by the book' mechanical devices are not covered under 97124, but wondered if you have suggested a go-around code. Personally, I haven't unless they can show/document some type of myofascial, trigger point, or joint tissue work/benefit.


ChiroCode has never recommended billing separately for mechanical massage. If it gets coded at all, the most applicable code that could be used would be an unlisted code - 97039. However, the code really doesn't matter because payers simply won't pay for it. If the provider is doing myofascial release or trigger point work, it must be "manual" to satisfy the requirements for 97140, so I don't think that the use of a vibracussor would count since the machine is doing everything. It is just a nice adjunct service.