Presented by Alan D. Bergquist, D.C., MCS-P, CCPC 

One audit trap that is sure to reveal lack of evidence for Medical Necessity could be found in your current coding and billing systems, and of course, your patient documentation. This common billing practice in chiropractic frequently results in claim denials and requests for refund of payment. When expecting third party payment, support of Medical Necessity must be in the manner defined by 3rd party payors and not only according to provider rationale. 

This webinar will review how Medical Necessity is defined and what that means for your treatment notes, coding, and billing. Additionally, in this segment, we will discuss the progression of care that is expected by third party payors. This includes the use of passive therapies, active therapies, and the stages of healing we are expected to follow in order to help determine appropriate recommendation and provision of these therapies. 

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