Presented by Steven Weiniger DC

When people are unhappy or have a bad attitude, their posture shows it. There’s good reasons why body language expresses our mood and attitude. Posture is the external manifestation of our physicality, and can literally be the window to mood. 

From pain to pessimism, posture affects (and is affected by) your outlook on life. Learn how accumulating research is demonstrating how links between body and mind are a two way street, and the consequences of excessive sitting on mind and body .

Palpating function by touch and visually reading subtle posture cues can provide valuable insight into bio-mechanic function, health and attitude. Which is why DCs can be the posture specialists for people suffering the burgeoning health effects of sitting, texting and modern technology on their bodies and minds.

Learn about:
- The sensori-motor mood connection
- Studies correlating posture habits with mood and disease
- Strategies for the posture specialist

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