Presented by Doug Grant 

What are the ONLY two things every Health Professional from MD’s, Chiropractors, and all others agree with that if worked on will reverse illness, lengthen lifespan and give great energy? 

Tune into this webinar that addresses the elephant in the room with EVERY patient. How to improve daily eating and exercise habits that research shows will do the most for your health than ANYTHING ELSE YOU CAN DO. 

This webinar will introduce an easy to follow healthy eating and exercise plan overseen and administrated by professional trainers and nutritionists for YOU and your patients. 

At the end of the webinar, you will receive the ability to get a personalized eating and exercise plan from a professional trainer and nutritionist. You will get coached every step of the way every day helping you achieve your health goals. After you achieve greater health, you can recommend this program to your patients to improve their recovery and longevity while at the same time increasing your revenue dramatically. 

You will hear from Douglas Grant who has trained 1,000’s of professional athletes, doctors and every day people over the last 20 years. He is a nutritionist to many NBA teams and his team currently creates nutrition, exercise and supplement programs for people all over the globe.

Update: As of 2019-05-01, ChiroCode no longer offers Premium Membership or CEUs. We have made this video available to all visitors.