Premium Membership

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The ChiroCode Premium Membership program has a proven track record of improving practice efficiency, reimbursement, confidence in many of your practice systems, as well as saving valuable time for doctors and their team.

The ChiroCode team of experts is not only experienced but also credentialed in areas such as Coding, Auditing, Compliance, and more. Members of our team are frequently featured speakers at chiropractic events across the country and in chiropractic magazines.
Our areas of knowledge and expertise consist of:

  • Coding
  • Documentation
  • Billing
  • Compliance
  • Reimbursement
  • ICD-10
  • AR/Collections
  • Managing payer relations

We are very proud to serve the entire chiropractic community and offer special benefits to our Premium Members. Premium Membership benefits include:

  • Unlimited Access to webinar archives
    Several times per month, one of our own team members or a special guest speaker present for one hour on a current hot topic in chiropractic in a live webinar session. Each of these sessions are recorded and placed in the ChiroCode webinar archives for our Premium Members.
  • Tips and Articles
    Commonly asked questions and information on other industry hot topics are conveniently categorized for each reference by ChiroCode Premium Members.
  • Forms
    The ChiroCode collection of forms is available for downloading and use for Premium Members. Many forms are available such as Case History, ABN, Functional Outcome Assessment, Informed Consent, and the list goes on. These too, are categorized for convenient access by Premium Members.
  • Special Pricing
    The annual ChiroCode Deskbook, 1500 forms, Notice of Privacy Practices brochure and other products are available to Premium Members with special price discounts. These pricing discounts also extend to our other services we offer such as pay-per-call consulting.
    Premium Members are discounted 15% on registration fees when attending any ChiroCode hosted event.
  • Help Desk
    It's impossible to conduct your day-to-day duties in practice and keep up with all of the critical need-to-know information in the industry. Certainly, by not having the information needed, claims delays and denials, loss of productivity and time, as well as an array of other potential obstacles can be faced by practices. At ChiroCode we understand this obstacle and want to help your practice and your team be as confident and productive as possible. Due to that, our team of professionals has been made available to your team in effort to help you quickly obtain the information you need.
    The ChiroCode Help Desk accepts 'Quick Questions' from Premium Members through our Help Desk portal. Once received, responses are usually posted within one business day or less, often with reference material for your reference and records.
  • Map-A-Code
    Use our Map-A-Code tool to help train and efficiently map your current ICD-9 codes to ICD-10. You can then save your own created code list for training, reference and review.

Available either Month-to-month for $29.95/month or Annually for $299.95/year. Click here to buy now, or call us at 602.944.9877.