Presented by Steven Weiniger DC 

May is Posture Month, and this year’s “Be a Posture ACE” campaign is your strategy to get patients engaged and promote your practice! 

Join Dr. Steven Weiniger, the posture expert, and learn how the annual public health effort from is an opportunity to help people understand bio-mechanical problems through a postural lens, and help themselves stand taller and move better… as well as appreciate the benefits of your care. 

ACE stands for creating posture Awareness; taking Control of your body; and optimizing your posture Environment- ACE. ACE is for patients and the public, as well as fellow health care providers. It’s a way for DCs to engage patients and their community towards better posture awareness and habits, and position themselves to other professionals as the posture specialist. 

Update: As of 2019-05-01, ChiroCode no longer offers Premium Membership or CEUs. We have made this video available to all visitors.