The 2016 ChiroCode Deskbook includes policies from the American Chiropractic Association regarding the difference in healthcare discount programs. It can help you select the right healthcare discount program specific to your needs!

Not all healthcare discount programs are the same. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is warning consumers to carefully evaluate these programs. Providers need to exercise caution as well, as some programs are not as wonderful as they claim. Carefully review contracts, minimum requirements and exercise due diligence in evaluating these plans and any applicable state laws and regulations. In some cases, these programs have not really benefited the patient or provider.

For these reasons, some professional organizations (e.g., the American Chiropractic Association) have issued official policies regarding healthcare discount programs.

The ChiroCode Deskbook lists several considerations:

  • Exercise caution using a discount program in conjunction with, or in lieu of, a patient's Medicare benefits.
  • Caution should also be observed when using a discount program in conjunction with, or in lieu of, third party payers and managed care organizations.
  • Providers should completely review contracts and investigate the policies in place for renewal and cancellation of membership by patients and participation by providers to determine their rights under the contract.