Presented by Michelle Jorgensen DC 

Dentistry has followed modern medicine right down its disconnected path, separating body parts and processes. We've been told we need an ENT for ear problems, a chiropractor for back problems and a dentist for tooth problems. There is a doctor for every little part and piece of our bodies, and somehow we've forgotten that it's all the same body! Renowned German Physician Dr. Reinhard Voll estimated that nearly 80% of all illness is related entirely or partially to problems in the mouth. Did you know that? Most dentists don't know it either! When was the last time a dentist talked to you about the relationship between mouth health and overall health? It's time that happened. 

In this webinar Dr. Jorgensen will share with you the REAL causes of dental disease and techniques for prevention and healing. You will also learn about dental problems that may be making you or your patients SICK, how to identify them, and what can be done to help them get better. Finally, she will tell you about cutting edge dental and health practices you need to know about to improve your patient's health, and how to find a dentist that can provide this care. Don't miss this life-changing webinar!

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