In our office when the doctor initially sees a new patient, we bill a new patient code. (99201, 99202, 99203, or 99204) At that time, the doctor gives the patient an X-ray script and informs them to return to the office with their disk for an ROF (review of findings) to go over their results and also to determine their treatment plan, etc. When this happens, can a separate E/M code be billed, like 99211, 99212, 99213, 99214 or is there another code that can be used?


E/M codes can be billed based on meeting the criteria for the three key components, or for a time override. If you document 50% of the total time was spent face to face, counseling the patient, then the time override may apply. Review the details on page 322 of your 2017 ChiroCode Deskbook.