Chiropractors cannot opt-opt of Medicare. Does that only refer to chiropractors that see Medicare patients? Do all Florida chiropractors have to complete Medicare enrollment/credentialing? Bottom line- do ALL chiropractors, no matter where or who, have to complete Medicare enrollment since they cannot Opt-out?


No, all chiropractors do not have to enroll with Medicare.  You only have to enroll with Medicare if you will be treating patients with Medicare Part B.  In this case, your options would be to enroll as a Medicare Participating Provider or a Medicare Non-Participating Provider.  Either way, you must enroll with Medicare IF you will be treating Medicare patients with chiropractic (spinal) adjustments.

If you will not be treating Medicare patients at all, you are not required to enroll with Medicare.  But in this case, there really is no way around it.  Even if a Medicare patient wants to see you, you must refer them to another facility that accepts Medicare.  You would not be able to make special exceptions and there is no rule that would enable you to treat these patients.