We're flying through the last quarter of 2016! Before we know it, we'll be ringing in the new year, so we'd better be ready!

As always, there are end of the year things that we must be sure to complete so as to best prepare for the future and protect our practices. Taking a proactive approach is of utmost importance and significant risk management to help you minimize risk and avoid penalties.

The Security Risk Assessment is a REQUIRED element for Meaningful Use Attestation and has proven to be very costly to practices that have not performed their annual Security Risk Assessment according to this guideline. Additionally, the Security Risk Assessment is a REQUIRED element to HIPAA Security whereas penalties may be assessed for non-compliance with this guideline as well.

Importantly, this is an essential step for practices to perform and doing so not only helps to preserve your cash flow but also serves as risk management in the prevention, detection, and mitigation of unknown or lingering security and policy related obstacles for you practice.