Maintenance/Wellness Visits and S8990

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Maintenance/Wellness Visits and S8990

Is the maintenance code S8990 still in use? We have several patients who claim that they have "wellness" visits under their insurance plan. Should we bill their health insurance with this wellness code, and then transfer the balance to the patient if the insurance doesn't pay?

S8990 is a valid code; however, not all payers cover wellness care (as you point out). See also the Preventive Medicine Services (Wellness) codes beginning on pages F-39 of your 2010 ChiroCode DeskBook.

We commend you for being sensitive to your patients who might have such rare insurance policies that pay for wellness visits. You should verify coverage with their insurance company.

If they are not paid by the insurance, you should bill the patient. And if they are not covered, why not save time and hassles? Encourage your patient to pay today with a time of service discount. Then have them process their own claim for reimbursement.

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