Chiropractic Coding & Billing Training - Which Course Is Right For You?

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Often times we get calls at ChiroCode from offices looking for training. Sometimes it is due to employee turnover and other times it is from a new office trying to get started. And everyone is looking for affordable help!

There are hundreds of seminars and clinics available for training if you have time and money. Most of them are pretty good when it comes to content. Even ChiroCode offers an occasional course as well as onsite consulting for a fee.

State associations and practice management groups offer these weekend courses and seminars. The costs will range from $100-$1000 per attendee. And unless you take great notes, much of the information is lost or forgotten before you implement it or share it in the office.
ChiroCode recommends ChiroCode Premium Membership as a source for your coding and billing training. Our ChiroCode Webinar library has over 100 one-hour webinars presented by the nations leading chiropractic subject matter specialists.

The great thing about the webinars is that they are only an hour long, you don't have to sit through an 8-hour day to learn one thing. If you find one that you think your staff or the doctor needs to watch, it is right there at your finger tips. So the access is unlimited. 

ChiroCode Premium Membership can be purchase from our online store for $329. This allows you 1-year of webinar access, not to mention the live coding support, ChiroCode Knowledgebase access, a subscription to the Hot Topics newsletter and archives and many other online tools. Here are some of our favorite webinars:


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