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Ask a Not-So-Quick Question

Occasionally you may have a question that requires a more in-depth answer than a simple Quick Question.

ChiroCode is pleased to be able to offer you professional coding advice at extremely discounted rates.  We have partnered with some of the top coding professionals in the Chiropractic industry who are eager to answer your more advanced questions.

Consulting advice is done on an hourly basis and most of the time our consultants will be able to give you a close estimate of how long it will take to research and answer your question.

If you have a question that requires a higher level of support please Contact Us about your question and we will pass on your information to one of our professional consultants.

Did you know?

Many simple, quick and even complex questions can be answered by the amazing tools and resources found in the ChiroCode Premium Membership package.

The ChiroCode DeskBook with Premium Membership features:

ChiroCode DeskBook, Spiral Bound Print Version - 8 Books in 1

  A. Insurance/Claims – Guidelines for billing all insurance types
  B. Documentation – Standards, POMR, Performance Measurements
  C. Denial Management – Claim denial management and appropriate appeals
  D. Compliance – HIPAA, fraud and abuse alerts, NCCI Edits, OIG guidance
  E. Diagnoses – 2011 ICD-9-CM code excerpts for Chiropractic
  F. Procedures – 2011 CPT® and HCPCS code excerpts for Chiropractic
  G. Supplies – 2011 HCPCS supply code excerpts for Chiropractic
  H. Fees – Fee evaluation, Relative Value Units (RVU), Personalized Fee schedules

ChiroCode DeskBook – Online Appendices*
  I. Code Change Appendix – Details of all DeskBook code changes for 2011
  J: Documentation Appendix – E/M guidelines by AMA and CMS, Medicare P.A.R.T. Form
  K: Electronic Claims Appendix – 837 Professional instructions, NUCC Data Set
  L: ICD-10 Appendix – All ICD-9 DeskBook codes mapped to the new ICD-10 codes

ChiroCode DeskBook – Online Resources*
  ChiroCode Hot Topics™ Articles – All articles referenced in the DeskBook
  Directories – State and national organizations
  Full-Sized Customizable Forms – in PDF Format
  Claim Form Instructions – Official instructions by CMS and NUCC
  Medicare fees - For specific locations (selected codes)

ChiroCode Quick Question Email Support*

ChiroCode Quick Question Telephone Support**

ChiroCode Hot Topics™ Newsletter, 1 Year Subscription – PDF format

Complete ChiroCode KnowledgeBase™ **
  ChiroCode Hot Topics Article Library
  Quick Questions Archive
  State Scope of Practice Laws, and more

ChiroCode Webinar Archives**

Find-A-Code™ Online – Code Search Tools**
  All CPT Codes – Codes, descriptions, modifiers, chapter/section notes
  All HCPCS Codes – Codes, descriptions, modifiers, alerts
  All ICD-9-CM Codes, Vols 1 & 2– Codes, descriptions, chapter/section notes
  All ICD-9-CM Codes, Vol. 3 – Codes, descriptions, chapter/section notes
  All ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS Codes – Codes and descriptions
  All ABC Codes – Codes and descriptions

Find-A-Code Online - Fee Resource Tools**
  Fee Calculator and Evaluator (location specific) – Includes Medicare Fees and RVUs

Find-A-Code Online - Medicare Tools**
  Medicare Policies and articles; NCDs and LCDs (National & Local Coverage Determinations);
  DRGs (Diagnosis Related Groups) and APCs (Ambulatory Payment Classification);
  Current PQRI Information; Medicare Contractors List

Find-A-Code Online – Coding Tools**
  Code Crosswalks; NCCI Edits Validator

Find-A-Code Online – Exclusive Personalization Tools**
  Add custom notes to codes
  Compile personalized lists of codes for fee analysis and printing

The ChiroCode DeskBook with Premium Membership is the choice of coding professionals.

Order your 2011 ChiroCode Premium Membership today!

* These features are not sold separately and are only available with the Basic or Premium Membership.
** These features are not sold separately and are only available with the Premium Membership.
CPT© is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association. All rights reserved.

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